Our Commitment to you regarding COVID-19

As the novel form of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) becomes more of widespread concern and local governments continue to recommend or mandate restrictions on person-to-person interactions, business operations, and home isolation, we want to share important information with you about our efforts to help keep our residents, guests, and team members safe and healthy.

We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization’s, the State of Colorado, and the City of Montrose’s statements regarding the novel form of coronavirus (COVID-19) and following guidelines from these agencies.

Effective July 18, the Governor of Colorado has issued an Executive Order requiring face masks to be worn inside all public spaces. We have posted signage on our doors reminding everyone of this Order and we also suggesting no more than 2 people in our office, bathrooms and laundry room at once.

Commitment to Our Residents & Guests
In order to fulfill our mission of being socially responsible and to prioritize the health, safety and welfare of our residents, guests, and team members, we are encouraging residents and guests to practice social distancing as recommended by the CDC.
– We will continue to register guest over the phone or encourage guest to use our online self check-in procedures.
– All processing fees will be waived for online monthly payments to all our current guests.

Commitment to Cleanliness

We take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously. Along with our already astringent cleaning procedures, we have added steps to align with CDC cleaning protocols. Extra attention is being given to the disinfection of items such as door handles, thermostats, cabinet handles, light switches and all surfaces, including furniture, with EPA approved disinfectants. All cleaning and sanitizing practices have been evaluated, verified and validated according to CDC Guidance. The cleaning solutions and sanitizers used have been selected for their ability to mitigate COVID-19. All towels and linens are laundered on site, allowing us more control in sanitizing. Per the CDC guidelines, the high heat drying of our dryers is one of the most effective ways to kill viruses.

Health & Safety Protocols
We continue to implement a number of practices to support our commitment based upon guidance from health authorities and governmental agencies:
– Mail will be picked up by a team member and will be delivered to your Site and placed in an area or container that you designate. If you wish to stop your Site’s mail delivery, please inform us of this decision and we will leave your mail in the Park’s mailbox. We suggest you contact any Companies which you receive mail from to set up online communication.
– Enhanced cleaning protocols for our cabins
– Real-time monitoring of information related to COVID-19
– Ongoing updates for team members regarding policies and procedures

Online Check-In

We continue to offer hands free check-in and check out procedures by offering online check-in procedures which are emailed to every guest 24 hours before their arrival. Our team members will greet you with a smile and a wave, lead you to your RV Site or cabin from their golf cart and are available by appointment if you need anything during your stay. For RV Site rentals, a Park map and car tag will be left on your picnic table and for our cabin guest, an arrival packet will left inside your cabin. Sanitized cabin keys are included in this packet. And of course, we are always just a phone call away, should you ever need anything.

Check Out

All cabins will have a minimum 24 hour buffer between stays to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We request that all cabin guest text the office cell phone when they are departing. Any outstanding charges will be confirmed.

No Cash Exchange

We will not be accepting cash for payment at our Park. All reservations will continue to be taken either over the phone or online. And, all additional miscellaneous charges will be added to your billing portfolio.

Cabin Maintenance

To maintain the safety of our guests and our team members, we will be following the procedures below for any additional items that are requested during your stay or if a maintenance issue arises.

  • Small replacement items such as lightbulbs, batteries, etc., will be placed in a plastic bag and delivered on your porch step to maintain social distancing.
  • All maintenance orders will be completed practicing social distancing, with guests being asked to vacate the property during work. If a guest is unable to vacate the property, work orders will be completed upon checkout.
  • Specialty services (HVAC, roof leaks, sewage, etc.) are dependent on individual vendors and their policies and schedules at this time.

Common Areas

Our dog park and community fire rings are open, but we do remind everyone of the current social distancing protocol of maintaining 6 feet of distance between each other. And, groups of more than 10 people is highly discouraged. We have also kept our group tenting areas closed until further notice.

Access to our common, essential services will have recommended occupancy limits posted and we ask that everyone respect social distancing while using these facilities.

We ask for your active cooperation with the guidelines that we have established. If we find that our team is unable to maintain our facilities, or that we have a shortage of disinfecting supplies, or our guest disregard the occupancy limits, we may have no choice but to close our common areas and facilities. Please help us avoid that possibility.

The safety of our members and guests continues to be our top priority and we continue to navigate this situation each day.

How to Stay Informed
If you are a resident make sure we have your updated contact information so we can reach out to you directly to provide updates as needed.
For the most updated information and preventive protocols, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or cityofmontrose.org.
Updated July 17, 2020 (any updates will be emailed to you)